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Driveway Cleaning

Block Paving Driveway CleaningAt Driveway UK, our many connections in the world of paving gives us a huge edge in sourcing reliable driveway cleaning contractors who are well equipped to restore your block paving or pattern imprinted concrete driveways to their former glory.

All of the contractors we have available to us have the latest in driveway cleaning technology allowing them to efficiently free your drive of weeds, moss and grass, clean it and then if required, seal it too to prevent oil and future plant growth.

This driveway was in dire need of cleaning and the new owner was even considering having the old driveway removed and a new one installed. For a fraction of the cost, the driveway was fully restored to its former glory and then sealed to keep stains and maintenance to a minimum.

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The contractors will work to ensure minimum disruption to your day to day living and the whole driveway cleaning process can usually be done in one day with the exception of the weed killing phase.

So if your driveway is in a mess, or covered in weeds, we can help and best of all, our ever-growing database of driveway cleaning companies covers the whole of the UK. Whether you need cleaning, sealing or driveway repairs - just fill in our online quote form over to the right to get the ball rolling.

The Process

Although the process differs slightly from block paving to pattern imprinted concrete, the basic principles of driveway cleaning remain the same:


Remove any weed or moss growth and treat with a weedkiller and fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaining weed residue.


The driveway is cleaned using industrial grade high pressure washer, this removes dirt buildup and leaves the driveway looking crisp and clean again.


Tire marks, oil and any other stains are treated and removed.


Any damaged, or sunken areas are identified and repaired. For pattern imprinted concrete, any wearing of the surface colour can also be treated.


For block paving, kiln dried sand is applied to the driveway to fill the joints between the blocks and any excess is brushed away leaving the driveway looking new again.


If required, the driveway is sealed with an acrylic sealer to prevent oil stains penetrating the surface and also to prevent weeds taking root on your freshly cleaned driveway.

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